Texas Forever

Or, “I don’t want to watch some dumb TV show about Texas and football,” AKA Marido’s Famous Last Words



Friday Night Lights, which might be the Best TV Show That Has Ever Been Made, is –

Wait. That’s not where I meant to start.

I meant to start with, “Who knew there was a podcast all about ‘Friday Night Lights?'”

There is. It’s called, “Texas Forever” and it’s by two women who are not from Texas and in the first episode, the one says how she didn’t want to watch a show about Texas and football but after the first episode, she was hooked.

Two things.

  1. That was Marido’s reaction (more on that) and
  2. She and the other woman spent a lot of time talking about how much they didn’t like the character of Julie Taylor and I thought, “Yes! I, TOO, FOUND HER ANNOYING!”
  3. Wait. Three things. The other great thing about FNL is that after FNL, Connie Britton went on to star in Nashville, which might be the Second Best Show Ever On TV.

But back to Marido. Who went to college in Texas. Who worked in Austin after college. Who has some Texas in him.

When I read the reviews about Friday Night Lights, I got the DVD for season 1 from the library. My conversation with Marido went like this:

Me: Want to watch this TV show? It has rave reviews. One guy even wrote that it might be the best TV show he has ever seen.

Marido: I don’t want to watch a Stupid TV Show About Football And About Texas.

Me: But it’s supposed to be really good!

Marido: I do not want.

Me: OK. Whatever.

Then I watched the first five minutes of the show. I turned it off and went back upstairs.

If you don’t know what happens in the first few minutes, well – I won’t spoil it for you, but – it’s pretty dramatic.

Me: I want you to watch the first few minutes of the show with me later. If you don’t want to watch any more after that, that’s fine.

Marido: OK.


I turn on the TV. I turn on the DVD player. We watch the first few minutes.

I turn the DVD off.

Marido: Wait!

Me: What?


Me: I told you I wouldn’t make you watch more than a few minutes. A few minutes is over.

Marido: But maybe we could watch a few minutes more.

Me: You said you didn’t want to watch – and I quote, “A stupid TV show about football and about Texas.”

Marido: Well.

Me: So – I am not going to make you watch it.

Marido: But I want to see what happens.

Me: Nope.

Marido: You’re mean!

Me: You said you didn’t want to watch.

Marido: Maybe I want to watch.

Me: OK.

Reader, not only did we watch that entire episode, we watched the entire season. And the season after that. And the three seasons after that. Which required that we buy seasons four and five, as the library didn’t have them.

BTW, this was more or less the process we went through for Lonesome Dove (“I don’t want to watch some dumb western!”)

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