A Kolache Update

I’m afraid Texas wins this one, Wisconsin

Poppyseed kolaches on the left are from Weikel’s Bakery in Texas.

Bakery on the right is what Marido and I procured at the festival.

You guys. I am sad to write this, because I really wanted Wisconsin to win this one, by virtue of my Slovak grandmother and her kolaches, etc, etc., and because I helped to make the beehives (I wasn’t trusted with the kolaches) for the festival.

But Marido and I went to the festival on Friday and bought some of the kolaches (and a beehive – bottom left corner of the right-hand photo).

The Texas kolaches are better.

The Wisconsin kolaches taste like the ones my grandmother made.

Had I never tasted Texas kolaches, I would think Wisconsin kolaches are great.

But I have had Texas kolaches, and, as always, Texas takes it to 11.

Wisconsin kolaches use a regular bread dough – or just something rather plain – as a base.

Texas kolaches say, “We’ll see your plain bread dough and raise you some egg yolks, some shortening, and a stick of butter.”

And you know what? Wisconsin and Grandma, I love you, but I love rich dough even more.

An update to the update

There is more! Look what I just found in Garden and Gun! A recipe for sausage kolaches, which have their own name.

But the truly significant part of this is the recipe, which calls for almost two sticks of butter for four cups of flour vs the Texas Monthly recipe with half a cup of shortening and one stick of butter for six cups of flour.

People. We are talking fat here. I don’t understand why Wisconsin is so far behind on this. We are not shy about using lard and bacon grease and butter in our food here. Indeed, we are proud of it, although you will never hear anyone say that out loud because we (they) are also modest. But yes – Wisconsinites are shocked when they learn that some people throw bacon grease away. That’s a sin.

We need to up our kolache game, Wisconsin!

2 thoughts on “A Kolache Update

  1. OK, if you are in northern Wisconsin next June, Phillips is where you can get your Kolache fix. Kolaches are a BIG DEAL in Price County! http://www.czech-slovak-festival.com/

    I know about this festival because my significant other’s mother grew up on a dairy farm near Phillips. His mother (and two of her siblings) retired to Harlingen, Texas. I used to regularly drive from Dallas to Harlingen, and I never failed to stop at the Czech Stop Bakery in West, Texas, for a dozen kolaches. (There are three Czech bakeries in this tiny town.) Somehow the full dozen never made it to my destination! These older relatives are no longer alive. I don’t miss the long drive, but I do miss the kolaches.


    1. Wait, what? We drove through Phillips every July on our way to Madeline Island. Maybe there’s a kolache bakery there! Are they as good as Weikel’s and Czech stop kolaches?


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