I want to be as nasty as Kamala Harris

Also if sleeping your way to the top is possible how can I do it because I am tired of being at the bottom


And it starts. The sexist attacks on Kamala Harris.

Are we surprised?

No. No we are not.

This is the way it goes – the way insecure, pathetic, weak men discredit women and yes, I am talking to you, Mr President, who has very very small hands that his own wife doesn’t even want to hold, and you, Rush Limbaugh, who called Harris a “hoe,” and any man who thinks that the fact that he has a penis makes him superior to a woman and makes him fit to run the world.

We are shrill. We are emotional. (Because anger is not an emotion so therefore men do not get emotional.) We have hormones and you know what that means.

And we use sex to get what we want.

(How does that even work? How does a person – a woman – even use sex to get ahead at work? Do you write a contract? How does the quid pro quo get established? Do you discuss the terms before the sex? Or is it just understood? Why isn’t there a handbook for this? Why have I done my whole life wrong? WHY WASN’T THERE A CLASS ON THIS AT BUSINESS SCHOOL? UT-AUSTIN YOU FAILED ME.)

A person I used to respect sent me a link to a story from January 2019 claiming that Harris had “slept her way to the top.” This was his triumphant proof that Harris is not qualified to be vice president.

I will save you the trouble of reading it. It says that Harris dated Willie Brown, who was the mayor of San Francisco, for a short while, when she was in her late 20s. He appointed her to two state commissions.

This is “sleeping your way to the top.”

My acquaintance thinks Trump is the epitome of brilliance and accomplishment and that Harris, who got into and graduated from Howard and got into and graduated from Hastings and was elected San Francisco DA and was elected California AG (twice) and was elected California senator and won huge court cases as a prosecutor, is the person who has done nothing on her own merits.

How many people did she have to sleep with to accomplish all that LORD HAVE MERCY SHE MUST BE EXHAUSTED.

So Trump, who didn’t take his own SATs, whose admission to Penn was facilitated by personal connections and a bribe, who inherited his money and has never accomplished anything on his own except drive businesses and an entire country into the ground, is the standard by which we should measure success?

But Harris, who has a resume that is so bright I need to wear sunglasses to look at it, is the loser who parlayed a few dates with Willie Brown into membership on two state commissions into a brilliant career but IT’S ALL BECAUSE SHE SLEPT WITH WILLIE BROWN?

She must be amazing in bed is all I have to say./sarcasm

Also – I have been on a city commission and I was just appointed to another one. Trust me when I say commissions are not the route to power. You serve on a city commission because you care deeply about the issue, not because you value your free time, not because you enjoy sitting in a windowless room until 11 p.m. on a work night listening to citizens testify in two-minute increments about a deeply controversial issue as they glare at you and imply that you are in favor of disemboweling kittens and puppies when the real situation is that the city just doesn’t have $15 million in spare cash lying around and you personally also do not have that in your checking account.

Commissions are work. That is all. They do not benefit the members personally. We do it as a labor of love because we care about our communities.


  1. Sex is currency that can result in career advancement
  2. There must be rules somewhere
  3. That I have never known about
  4. Commissions are a pain in the ass

Which means that the commissions are a smokescreen and it was all the sex Harris must have had with Brown only he didn’t control the juries or the voters and I AM SO CONFUSED.

But the real takeaway is that very powerful men are scared of Harris and that? Is a very good thing.

Rock on Kamala. We are with you.

Part II: In which I do the math about Kamala and everyone she had to sleep with 

6 thoughts on “I want to be as nasty as Kamala Harris

  1. I’m betting Trump has had sex with more people than Kamala has. Doesn’t that imply that he slept his way to the top, even harder? Oh, wait, you say, only sleeping with men counts? Is that because only men have power? What’s that you say?


  2. Well, you did say you were looking for a job, didn’t you. Perhaps you need to raise your goals and sleep with more powerful men … assuming you are also very good in bed.

    So now it begins in earnest – all the nonsense about angry and nasty women. Fortunately, for everyone who believes that junk there will be four or five who order an absentee ballot (not a mail in ballot, because or course THEY are so bad!) or commits to show up IN PERSON (mask firmly in place) to vote for Kamala and her friend.

    Personally, I hope to find the t-shirt!

    AmidPrivilege is correct, but I am betting that he is not particularly good in bed; way too focused on himself to even notice his “partners”.


  3. It’s funny. I’ve been reading you for years and always assumed that you were a Republican and your Husband was a Democrat (and your deceased in-laws were Democrats in addition to being terrible people). Have I been wrong all this time? FYI-I agree with all of your recent political posts wholeheartedly.


    1. I was always sort of libertarianish and until 2016, voted for the Rs for president, but after what’s been going on, both with the president and with the legislators who have supported him, I will never vote R again. I am so horrified at what they have done and are doing. Turns out that they were just about power and racism all along.


  4. Turns out that they were just about power and racism all along……This.
    Its infuriating and heartbreaking all at the same time.


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