Will they give us some space, please?

A room of our own. That’s all we want. A room of our own.

I know we have a lot going on with Roe and with democracy in general, but the other fights haven’t disappeared.

This is at a theatre that was just remodeled last year.

On the left is the line for the women’s room.

On the right is the line for the men’s room.

Do you see the problem here?

The next day, we went to another show in the same complex. I stopped at the women’s room in the hotel on the first floor.

The men’s room – right across from the women’s – was closed for cleaning.

I walked into the women’s room and there were a couple of women there and a man who was clearly exasperated that the men’s was closed. It seemed like he knew the women so I was pretty sure he wasn’t some predator.

But still.

When I was done, he was still at the sinks. His friends had already left.

I kept my eyes down, washed my hands, and got out.

But WTF dude?

You really think that you are so important that you should not be inconvenienced in any way whatsoever? That you should not have to wait? That you should not have to walk three minutes to the next men’s room?

You think you should not wait.


What do you think my world is like?

There might be some who say Pot meet Kettle about a man in the women’s room. After all, I have used the men’s room before.

I used it when it was empty. I used it after calling out to make sure it was empty.

And – No man feels threatened seeing a woman in the men’s room. No man feels fear when he sees a woman in the men’s room. He might feel confusion, but he doesn’t feel fear. No man keeps his head down and avoids eye contact when he sees a woman he doesn’t know in a space where he’s not expecting to see women.

And the most obvious reason – I used it BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PROVISION FOR WOMEN.

Mr T asked why I didn’t say something to the invading man.

“Why not just ask, ‘Dude! This is the ladies! What are you doing in here?'”

Spoken like someone who has never been worried about being flashed or attacked. Spoken like someone who has never had to wait to pee.


5 thoughts on “Will they give us some space, please?

  1. Objecting to men in women’s spaces is bigoted and transphobic, according to The Left. I can’t believe you ASSUMED someones gender like that! For all you know, that interloper was on his very first day of girlhood* and your fear and displeasure caused trauma!! How could you be so hateful?

    People with penises can be women. If a person says they are a woman, you have to welcome them/xim/zeyr/eir/ into locker rooms, changing rooms, bathrooms, prisons, women’s shelters, etc.

    Why, one lovely lady with a penis who calls herself Jessica Yaniv sued multiple aestheticians for refusing to wax her testicles. The gall of those small business operator/owners of mostly Asian decsent. They advertised Brazilian waxing as a service they provide to women. How dare they refuse dear Jessica just because they’d have to handle her penis?

    Yes, this is YOUR LEFT. I’m so amused at your Boomer leftism. Imagining you are bravely fighting for civil rights, a la MLK era, channeling Gloria Steinem, and all the while your batshit insane brethren are doing their post-modern magic and breaking every last damn thing. Including what the definition of woman is. Get used to dicks in your spaces, toots. Just because that woman is 6’ tall, heavily muscled and has a penis, it’s still a woman’s penis and you might make her feel unsafe or excluded because of your objections.

    What rock have you been living under, Boomie?

    *Dylan Mulvaney is a TikTok sensation with a vlog chronicling his Days of Girlhood. If you’d like to see what womanhood looks like when murdered and worn as a skin suit crafted almost entirely of shallow stereotypes, then he’s your girl. Btw, this person met with your president.


    1. Funny, I never thought of this space here as an “us” vs. “them” (or I guess, [implied] “our” vs. [articulated] “your” arena. But I guess it was just a matter of time. Sigh.


  2. Dear Texan, I am at a concert of the NY Philharmonic at the newly remodeled David Geffen hall, and THE LINE FOR THE MEN’S WAS TWICE AS LONG AS FOR THE WOMEN’S. It was glorious. I wish I’d taken a picture, because it’s the first time in my life I’ve seen such a sight. Come to New York, I’ll treat you to a concert and we can both enjoy.


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