ABCDEFU (angrier)

Get angry and turn that anger into action

Gayle wrote this song about a breakup, but I think it’s an anthem about women and our current situation.

I’m thinking about anger.

I’m thinking about women’s anger, specifically.

There are so many things to be angry about. So. Many.

But we’re taught to be nice. Not to get angry.

My friends.

It’s time to get angry.

It’s time to get angry about abortion and school prayer and Miranda warnings and the EPA.

And it’s time to turn that anger into action. Many of us have the luxury of time, a luxury that younger women do not have. Let’s use our anger and our time to make sure that younger women have it better than we did, not worse.

What that means at a practical level is that I work to make sure Ron Johnson, the great embarrassment, is not re-elected.

That means I volunteer on Mandela Barnes’ campaign.

That means I get out the vote – that I volunteer to help with voter registration and that I write postcards to encourage people to request absentee ballots and to vote and that I encourage college and grad students from out of state to register to vote in Wisconsin if their home states are safe Democrat states (like Illinois) and that I make sure that my friends with kids at out of state colleges make sure those kids get Wisconsin absentee ballots.

Here’s what we all can do:

  • Volunteer with or donate to the League of Women Voters in your city or state. They register voters.
  • Volunteer as a pollworker. We need people to operate the polls. Two years ago, for the spring election that the WI Legislature Republicans refused to postpone, the city of Milwaukee could open only a handful of polling locations – most of the usual pollworkers are older didn’t feel safe being out with COVID. Many people prefer to vote in person. Help ensure they have a place to do so.
  • Write or call your senator and your congressional representative in support of voting rights, even the ones who won’t do a damn thing, like Ron Johnson. Get it on the record that their constituents disagree with them. I don’t know if that will accomplish anything, but it takes very little time, so it’s not like you’re losing anything.
  • Write and call your state legislators to support voting rights. This includes
    • Expanding early voting days and hours
    • Allowing ballot dropboxes (looking at you, WI jerks who took them away)
    • Increased DMV hours so people can get the IDs they need in states that require voter ID
    • Getting rid of voter ID requirements. Honestly, people.
    • Restoring voting rights for felons
    • Ensuring people in jail awaiting trial know they can still vote and helping them get ballots
    • Ensuring out of state college students can register to vote in your state
    • Allowing absentee ballots to at least be opened before the polls open on election day so that the counting of the votes can be faster and easier
    • Allowing a third party to take an absentee voter’s ballot to a dropbox or a mailbox or the city clerk (ballot harvesting)
    • Allowing people to give water and food to voters waiting in line at the polls (I mean – some of this is SUCH BULLSHIT)
    • Ensuring that the clerks send representatives to old folks’ homes to help residents vote
    • Reducing or eliminating requirements for “indefinitely confined” status, a status in Wisconsin that allows you to vote without a voter ID and also ensures that you automatically get an absentee ballot for every election (otherwise, you have to request one each time)
  • Make sure that everyone you know is registered to vote. Send them to vote411 to register online.
  • Know a kid who’s going to college out of state? Figure out which state needs her vote more, then make sure she’s registered to vote in her college state or has requested an absentee ballot from your state.
  • Know a kid in college in your state? Are her out of state friends registered? Again, figure out which state needs the vote more and encourage her to register and, if necessary, request an absentee ballot.
  • Send Liz Cheney a postcard and tell her she is awesome for upholding democracy. 416 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515
  • Donate to the good candidates, no matter where they are. Even good people with a good message need cash to pay for campaign literature, web hosting, postcards and stamps for thank you notes to donors, snacks for volunteers, etc, etc, etc.
  • Volunteer for the good candidates in your area. This can mean knocking on doors to talk to voters, leaving literature at the doors of voters, helping at a phone bank, or texting voters.
  • Maybe go to a few marches. It doesn’t hurt for the world to see crowds of angry women. In the movie Selma, LBJ tells Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, that King needs to get a crowd to Washington, DC, so that LBJ has cover to push the Voting Rights Act. Politicians look for reasons to act and not to act. If thousands of your constituents support something, it gives you a reason to vote for it.

The suffragists were beaten and jailed and forced-fed.

We have it easy in comparison. We don’t face the same level of danger they did when they showed their anger. Use your anger. Use your rage. Donate time and money and let’s take what’s ours.

4 thoughts on “ABCDEFU (angrier)

  1. Right on, Goldie! Every point. While I’m temporarily lucky enough to live in a blue/purple state, our idiot new governor has already announced plans to introduce a bill that will limit a woman’s right to body control and autonomy. (at the moment you can still send all my nieces to me in Richmond – room and transportation available.)

    Voting is clearly the key to the future. And, it’s important for women of a certain age (especially white ones) to show up to demonstrations. It’s harder to dismiss a crowd that includes the older generations. Middle aged white male legislators want to ignor the young and the non-white as “lesser”, so they need to have faces like theirs to be clearly visible to force them to pay more attention. And, bring the man in your life, if we have them. Their faces count, too.


  2. I live in a “safe” state and an amazingly decent county that work hard to make voting accessible and easy, so I appreciate the reminders of what I can do from here to encourage people elswhere to vote – because voting is the only answer. Gotta go get some stamps . . .


  3. I live in the District of Columbia. No voice. So you all have to vote for good folks. All we can do is send money.


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