Screw Trump and screw the Supreme Court

And screw all of you who enabled him. May all your tax dollars go to support the madrassa that’s coming to your town.*


If you think you are safe because you agree with Trump and the Supreme Court, then you are an ignorant person who knows nothing of history.

You are also evil. You are willing to watch the US government be overthrown just so you can get what you want? Fuck you.

If you knew anything about history – if you had ever read a book, you would know that authoritarians turn on everyone eventually (See: Stalin). You think you’re part of the In Group and that dictatorship is OK when the dictator is Your Guy and you will get what you want and it will all be cool, but you are wrong.

You are also stupid.

If you are like the man who used to be Mr T’s best friend and admit you know that Trump is a horrible person but you voted for him not once but twice “because abortion,” then clearly you think nothing could possibly happen in your life where you or someone you love would need a Miranda warning, would not want your tax money to support a religious school, or would be pregnant and not want to be pregnant.

Because the wives and daughters of Trumpers never get raped, do they? They never have ectopic pregnancies. They never get pregnant in high school or college or when they are barely putting food on the table for the children they already have or when a doctor has said their body can’t survive another pregnancy but the birth control failed or when the birth control fails, period, or when the fetus is diagnosed in utero with some horrible, incurable condition or when they want an abortion for whatever reason.

They’re safe.

Years ago, I was talking to my cousin, who lives in a small town that now has two stoplights but at the time had one, about gay marriage.

Me: Yeah, I used to be against it too, but then I thought about all my gay friends, some of who have been together for 20 years, and thought they should get the legal protections of marriage.

Cousin: I don’t have any gay friends.

Me: Oh yes you do.

My staunch Catholic dad would not have supported Trump, I don’t think. We always went to church every single Sunday, even when we were on vacation, and we had many a rosary night in our house. But my dad was a freethinker and was the one who warned me against prayer in public schools. (And he had sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and had seen what happens in countries run by dictators.)

Me (while I was still in high school, OK? be kind): But what’s wrong with having prayer in schools? How can that be bad?

Dad: People who support school prayer always assume it’s their God who will be prayed to.

Me, who had met almost no non-Christians in my life – US military bases were not known for their diversity of religion: ???

Dad: How would you feel about prayer if you lived in a town where a cult was in charge? What if we lived in that town near Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and they ran the schools and wanted you to pray to their god? Would that be OK?



Me: I never thought of it like that.

He also was not a political party guy. When I was in 7th grade, he got into a long debate – via me – with my Texas history teacher, who talked about supporting the party vs the candidate. My dad was adamant that you support the man (at the time, it was almost always the man) – that you look at the candidate’s character.

No way would my dad have chosen that idiot.

Good luck with allying with a stupid, evil, narcissistic dictator wannabe and with your sisters and daughters who want an abortion and with your kid who gets arrested and with how your precious tax money is spent. You’re going to need it.

* Please note I am not anti-madrassa. I am anti-tax money supporting religious education. My guess is that the Trumpers would be appalled for tax money to go to a non-Christian school.

2 thoughts on “Screw Trump and screw the Supreme Court

  1. Yes, Yes. Yes!!!! We can protest in the streets but we MUST protest at the ballot box. (BTW I read all of your posts and have for years, admire you greatly)


    1. Thank you so much, Sandy! That makes my day.

      And yes!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE! If you can, serve as a pollworker so others can vote. Help register voters. If you can, donate to candidates who agree with us, even if they’re not in your state. We have got to flip some Senate seats and change the law.


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