Girls are DONE and are going to change the world

After they fix period poverty and squeamishness, they will resolve the pocket issue

I don’t know whom to credit for this.

Y’all, I met a high-school girl this morning who gives me so much hope for the future. SHE IS AWESOME. We started out talking about pockets and the lack thereof and ended up with periods.

Her: I hate fake pockets.

Me: Me, too. I got these jeans on eBay and the big pocket was fake and all they had was this tiny little pocket that can hold a quarter.

Her: That’s for the tampon machine in the girls’ room.

Me: Is that how much they cost these days?

Her: No! They’re fifty cents!

Me: So the small pocket is actually completely useless. Thanks, Patriarchy.

Her: Fortunately, we finally got free tampons and pads in the bathrooms at school.

Me: That’s great! I always worried about being seen carrying one into the bathroom. Even in my corporate job, I worried about it.

Her: I don’t. I don’t care. I have really bad periods and I don’t care anymore. I just grab one and tell my teacher I have to go to the bathroom. If he says no, I tell him fine, I’ll just free bleed on the seat.

Again, I don’t know whom to credit. I think this is brilliant.

Me: I was helping a VP write a speech about how diversity makes teams better. I wanted her to use the example that Fitbit didn’t add a period tracker until a few years ago. The VP said, “I can’t talk about periods in front of men!”

Her: Oh I don’t care about that. I’ll be having bad cramps at dinner and will talk about it. My dad will say he hopes I feel better.

Maybe her generation will get funding for PMS research and endometriosis research and maternal mortality research.

Have you read “The Pain Gap” by Anushay Hossain? She cites this study about breast and uterine cancer – a study that didn’t include women.

There’s so much work to do, but the future is in capable hands.

One thought on “Girls are DONE and are going to change the world

  1. Annette – I saw a post a while ago where high school boys fundraised and bought tampons and pads for the girls at school. There is a lot of hope and goodness in Gen Z.


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