It feels great to be in a world of women

Even the bad news that you’re going to lose a tooth sounds better when it comes from another woman

I have a Bad Tooth.

It has to be pulled.

Would have been nice if my former – former because he’s a Trumper – dentist had caught this last year when I still had the good dental insurance and when it must have been obvious.

I say “must have been obvious” because my new dentist took new x-rays that she did not charge me for, saying the x-rays from July that former dentist sent were fuzzy. I think the new dentist was so shocked at seeing the state of my tooth on the July x-ray that she wanted to be sure before she said anything to me.

When Mr T and I went on ACA, we took one of their dental plans, getting decent but not fabulous coverage. As in, it makes financial sense to pay for the insurance because it’s what we would pay for two exams a year anyhow and we have some coverage for cavities.

But not coverage for things like tooth pulling and replacement. Because who expects that?

OK maybe I should expect that, as I had a tooth pulled and replaced with an implant 20 years ago. But two? Two bad teeth? Honestly.

I went to the dental school for a screening appointment, hoping they will take me as a patient.

My dental student was female, which was wonderful enough.

But then her professor came in to check the student’s work.

And the professor was not only a woman, but she was an 82 year old woman who happens to also be a nun.

The student addressed the professor as “Doctor Sister Jones.”

Me: I read a study years ago that nuns live longer than other women.

Student: It’s because they don’t have to deal with men!

Dr. Sister Jones: It’s true! I recently had an appointment with a new doctor. When he saw that I’m a nun, he said, “You’re going to live forever!”

She is 82 years old.

And she is still a practicing dentist.

And she is a professor.

OMG the things women can accomplish when they don’t have husbands and children.

The dental school accepted me as a patient. A female student did my x-rays and she, too, was supervised by a woman.

I believe all of them when they tell me my tooth will have to be pulled. I know they’re not lying just to make money.

I leave you with this story about a 116 year old nun who has recovered from covid.


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