Maybe binge-watching “Vera” counts as being productive?

My cats are very happy to watch TV productively with me

Shirl tv
Usually, I have the blanket over me, Shirley, and the space heater. It’s her little spa. As soon as she hears me turn on the TV, she bounds down the stairs and glares at me until I put the blanket on top of the space heater.


Things I have done since I lost my job

  • Visited my 98 year old great-aunt
  • Visited my 96 year old friend in Madison
  • Watched every episode of every season of Vera and why aren’t there more than eight seasons?
  • Watched the last two seasons of Longmire and got really ticked off at the ending. What happened to Travis? He just disappeared. And no – come on. Vic and the sheriff do not belong together. I would never have written the story that way.
  • Watched season five of Blacklist and cheated and read ahead about Red’s secret and now I am not sure if I want to watch season six
  • Started and stopped watching these shows either because I had already seen them before and forgot or because I started watching and realized they were stupid
    • Covert Affairs
    • Blood
    • Looking
  • Watched several movies and realized that movies have gotten really bad and really crass and that Mr T and I are in danger of moving into Get off my lawn! territory but really, NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT TALK OR ACT LIKE THIS, MOVIES!
    • Booksmart
    • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
    • Long Shot (also – blessyourheart Seth Rogen – but yeah)
    • Get A Job
  • However, Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont was sweet
  • Read several feminist manifestos and have gotten even more ticked off than usual
    • Everyday Sexism
    • Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud
    • The Vagina Bible
    • BITCHfest: Ten years of cultural criticism…
    • Toilets: Public Restrooms and the Politics of Sharing
    • Dear Ijeawele, or A feminist manifesto in fifteen suggestions
  • Applied for about 60 jobs
  • Had five phone interviews, which are great because you don’t have to be showered or dressed well for a phone interview
  • Spent hours every day on my friends’ blogs:


Things I have not done

  • Visited my mother (except this is an awful time of year to fly to Denver because so many flights get delayed or cancelled and then once we are at my mom’s, we can’t go outside because it’s too darn cold, although not as cold as here, where we have -2 today)
  • Worn makeup
  • Showered often
  • Put on clothes other than elasticized items appropriate for exercise for a person who exercises but for me just make it easier to flop down on the sofa and eat
  • Gotten into amazing physical shape or even exercised more than 30 minutes a day
  • Caught up on my sleep. Thank you, unemployment for giving me the time to sleep but stressing me out so much that I can’t
  • Organized the basement, although in my defense, it’s not my stuff that’s the problem. I have almost no stuff in the basement but SOMEONE ELSE IN THIS HOUSE DOES AND HE JUST OPENED A BOX AND FOUND HIS LEASE FROM 1986
  • Volunteered every single day for a worthy cause
  • Learned new skills like programming or mechanical engineering, both of which would get me a job immediately
  • Networked. Everyone says to network, but I have never gotten a job that way. I have always applied to posted job ads. I am so envious of the people who Know People and who find out about and get hooked up with jobs via networking. It sounds like such a better process than looking at LinkedIn or every day to see what’s new and what I should be applying for and spending 30 minutes writing a cover letter and then going through the usually awful online application process that asks what country I’m in and makes me go to the bottom of the list to find “USA” although really, Acme, how many people are applying from Antigua?
  • Learned Mandarin
  • Created elaborate gourmet meals
  • Cleaned the baseboards
  • Made a book of the photos from our trip to northern Spain last fall, even though that item has been on my list for four months
  • Figured out what we are going to do when we retire. Where do we want to live? When should we move there? What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

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