In the bleak midwinter

It’s almost the solstice for us northern hemisphere folks so I thought you might like to see a painting of a woman with sausage hair


Oh you guys. My old blog – The Class Factotum – disappeared completely. It’s gone. Fifteen years of blogging. Disappeared. Not even the cached pages are available. All that baloney about how stuff on the internet is never gone? That it’s here forever?

That’s a big fat lie.

If someone somehow gets into your blogspot account, which is owned by google, and deletes that account, google just throws up its hands and says, “So sorry. Nothing to be done.”

Same thing happened with journalspace, the blog host I had before blogspot.

And my friend at Privilege lost her blog for a scary week, although fortunately, her hosting service was able to restore it.

I have written to the CEO of google to ask him to restore my blog. We shall see what happens. I am not holding my breath. I didn’t pay anything. I was not a customer. I don’t think google cares about keeping me happy. Why should they?

I did have a backup, but not recent. Not since 2011. Shame on me. You would think after losing one blog, I would know better. (And I can’t figure out how to open the darn backup. You would think being married to an engineer would mean I could outsource this problem, but he reminds me that he is a hardware guy, not a software one, so really, I HAVE NO BACKUP.)

I backed this one up immediately, but this blog is not as much of a diary as the Class Factotum was.

As in, I had my cats’ performance evaluation on it.

And my sister’s wedding.

And our trips to the cottage with our friends Patrick and Ilene.

And our trips to Pittsburgh to see Pete and Julie.

And our trips to Houston for our college reunions.

And my grandma’s funeral. And my great-uncle’s funeral. And visiting my aunts and uncles and cousins. And seeing every other person in my life who is important to me.

I had our everyday things – our Wisconsin 101 and my Engineer 101 and just the weird, fun everyday things that happen in a life that you forget about but are fun to read again.

But now I have lost years of blogging. I have lost years of memories.

And y’all – it’s making me a little bit sad.


It’s making me a lot sad.

I know it’s not a big deal. Nobody has died. Nobody is sick. Nobody is in financial peril. This is not a tragedy.

But I feel like something big has been taken from me – something big that I can never get back.

So if you have a blog – go back it up. Right now. Go. Do it.


2 thoughts on “In the bleak midwinter

  1. Thanks to the wonders of the internet nothing really goes away. Internet Archive has copy of your old blog. Find it at*/
    This will bring up a calendar. Just above the annual calendar is a list of years which you can select.

    Once you have selected a year, there is colored circles over selected dates. Click on selected date and the given web page will appear. It looks like your blog was archived 157 times between 2007 and now. The archived pages links often work.

    If you don’t want to click on links from strangers search for the Internet Archive, then enter the old web address. Make sure you are searching for old websites.

    Hope this helps.


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