When you think it’s all over but then your husband’s friend Knows Things like How To Find Stuff Online and he finds your old blog posts THANK YOU GARY


And here is one of them (old blog post). Yes, they are piecemeal, but it’s better than nothing and now I have a project to get me through the next few months.

What’s so interesting about this post is that I wrote it in January of 2009 and yet NOTHING HAS CHANGED. We still have a lot of crap in our house.

However. Mr T is starting to throw things away.

And Holly B is still my friend. She now blogs here.

Marriage 101, Lecture 9: It is better to throw away than to keep

HollyB nd I are both Third Culture Kids. We both grew up abroad without fixed, permanent homes and hence have some of the same attitude when it comes to stuff: get rid of it because it is too much trouble to move it. I went to ten different schools before I was graduated from high school and have moved about 15 times since college. Only five of those moves were performed by moving companies; the rest — yours truly, which is one of the reasons I do not accumulate books. Have you ever moved books? (The other reason I don’t accumulate books is because they are expensive and if I am already paying taxes to support the library, why not just get them there free?)

Anyhow. My Serious Honey, on the other hand, has moved about five times in his life. He is very attached to his stuff. Our basement is full of his stuff, including office supplies from when he worked at Apple 13 years ago, his college textbooks and notes (OK, so he got rid of those in May and we did discover that when SH was the head grader for physics in college, my college boyfriend, Bobby, worked for him, which actually isn’t so bizarre because we all went to the same college and Bobby was a physics major, but I digress), love notes (I suspect — he asked me not to look) to the object of his college affection, 14 years (at least) of BMW magazine, bunches of other magazines, 27 gimme hats, t-shirts he no longer wears but that have sentimental value, etc, etc, etc.

However. There might be gold in those hills. My new mantra with him is, “Can we sell it?” Did you know that people will pay a lot for an old beer can? Apparently, old zippo lighters are now considered collectors’ items. (“Smoking art is hot!” the clerk at the trash store told me yesterday when I bought an old humidor to use as a nightstand in the guest room.) We have a bunch of old zippos. We have all kinds of old crap. We are going to get rich from my husband’s hoarding. Ha.


  1. Such good news! So awful to feel we have lost our writing, a whole decade of it, and then so wonderful to find it (if not all then some) again. xoxox.


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