When you think you’re being funny and your 98 year old great aunt reminds you that you are not

1963 Christmas Eve 2 SS-LCM
My great aunt is not in this photo, but my grandma Sylvia, her sister, is. Grandma is the one on the left – the one who went gray at 29 and also the one who is wearing red lipstick. My aunt (who is not my great aunt) is also wearing red lipstick. I guess lipstick is A Thing in my family.

Remember how I visited my great aunt last week and she hadn’t put on her lipstick and I went straight to my grandmother’s funeral?

Well I skipped the part where I showed my aunt photos from our trip to Spain.

So I showed her this photo.


And we had this conversation:

Helen: What’s that?

Me: A cork tree.

Helen: What?! Like corks for bottles?

Me: Yes!

Helen: What?!

Me: I know!

Helen: I always thought they made cork! It comes from trees?

Me: Just when you think there is nothing new to be learned.

Helen: I learned something new today. It’s mind boggling.

Me: Mind bottling.

Helen: Boggling.

Me: Bottling.

Helen: I heard you.

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