Entitled women who think that they should have basic life supplies at a wealthy university that has a climbing wall at the fancy rec center

And where the president makes over $1,000,000 a year, making him one of the ten highest-paid college presidents in the US

I don’t even know what kind of photo to use for this story, so here’s my sister feeding our cat, O’Malley.

You know what pisses me off?

Mean people.

You know what pisses me off even more?

Women who do not support other women.

I’m not going to get into work stuff here about Queen Bee women who don’t support other women and who actively work against them – I don’t do that because You Never Know, but I will talk about what’s going on in my college alumni facebook group right now.

An undergrad wrote an editorial for the school paper proposing that the school stock free menstrual supplies in the restrooms.

I think that is a great idea.

There are people who think it is not.

Many of the people who think this is a bad idea are men. I can maybe excuse them because THEY DON’T HAVE AN F*ING CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT, but there are also women who are all, Oh but you know by the time you are in college, you really need to learn to fend for yourself and get those luxuries on your own.

How nice it must be to have a life where the issue of a few dollars here or there has never been critical.

And how lucky I am that a few dollars here or there has never been critical.

But – I knew people for whom it has been critical.

And even if I didn’t know people for whom a few dollars are critical, I would hope I would understand that it matters.

So there are women – WOMEN – saying that nope, the school should not stock the women’s rooms with tampons and pads because women should pay for their own darn stuff themselves and should learn responsibility and my gosh there is no free lunch and how will these entitled millennials ever learn and get off my lawn.

Women who say screw you. Screw you other women. Women who say, I had to put myself through school I had to work hard why shouldn’t everyone else?

To which I say, I, too, had to put myself through school.

I had a job even before I arrived for my first day of college.

I didn’t even know this was weird until about a year ago. A month before I started college, I wrote to someone in the athletic department and asked for a job as a lifeguard. I included a copy of my American Red Cross lifeguard certificate, which meant I had to go to a copy shop to get it copied. You young people have no idea how good you have things now. 🙂

(Which is a good thing! Life should not be hard when it can be easy!)

But yeah – a friend pointed out to me that this was not usual. That most students don’t do this.


I borrowed money and I worked 20 hours a week during the school year and I worked 60 hours a week during the summer.

And I see this proposal to stock tampons and pads and my first thought is not, I DIDN’T GET THAT WHY SHOULD ANYONE ELSE?

And I am actually very much a, You don’t work, you don’t eat person.

But I am also, If a person doesn’t have tools, how can she work? person.

So these women who do say, “I had to work hard so why shouldn’t you work hard” – what is going on in their heads?

First of all, the campus jobs we had?

They don’t even exist anymore. I waited tables at the faculty club at lunch and I worked parties there on the weekends. It was the perfect student job.

That job has been outsourced and is no longer a student job.

There used to be students checking IDs at the cafeterias, the library, and the gym.

Not anymore. Now there are scanners.

Second, tuition is now about 40 gajillion times higher than when we were students.

Seriously. It was about $8,000 a year room and board when I was an undergrad. Now it’s $60,000, I think? I came out of school $13,000 in debt. My first job paid $20,000 a year. My debt/salary ratio was 13/20.

Now, students come out of school $200,000 in debt for a job paying $20,000. Debt/salary ratio is 10/1.


I mean, really?

Is this your philosophy of life? “I had it hard so I want to make sure everyone else does, too?”

You remind me of Mr T’s father, who was so furious at Thanksgiving one year when my nephew and niece took all white meat.

Not, they took all the white meat and nobody else could have any, but, they served themselves each about four ounces of white meat. From a platter containing 20 pounds of turkey.

  • Mr T’s father told my nephew and niece to serve themselves first
  • There was a 100-lb turkey for ten people
  • Not really 100 lbs – but more than enough white meat for everyone
  • Mr T’s father screamed at my lovely sister in law, telling her she was a bad mother for not teaching her children better
  • Mr T’s father did not scream at his own son for not being a better father
  • Mr T’s father should not have screamed at anyone except maybe himself
  • There was enough white meat
  • You don’t shame your dinner guests, ever
  • You don’t shame your grandchildren, ever
  • You don’t scream at people, ever
  • Mr T’s father screamed that when he was a kid, he never would have taken the white meat because – I don’t know why – maybe because children don’t deserve the Good Meat?
  • Isn’t the whole damn point to give your children a better life than you had?
  • A year later, Mr T’s father mused, as he carved the turkey, that he never had liked the white meat – it was too dry. He preferred the dark meat

So, women who think we should not offer free pads and tampons in the ladies’ rooms. Because nobody did this for you is a good reason that we should not do this for the next generation?

Should we not be working together to make things easier for the young women who follow us? Or do we just want to sit here and watch them suffer? What the hell is wrong with you?

Women should help other women. We should do everything we can to help young women succeed.


11 thoughts on “Entitled women who think that they should have basic life supplies at a wealthy university that has a climbing wall at the fancy rec center

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. Two questions … “Luxury”? really, they can’t be serious. and do they have condom machines in the men’s rooms? they did 50 years ago and i bet they still do.


    1. Hmm not in the northeast. At least not from 2005~ onward. You can get them for free in Student Health Services, but that’s a faff in itself. Quality and location. I don’t know if tampons and pads are offered by health services for free if you go.

      An interesting aside is that free condoms and lube are standard practice in gay bars/clubs around the world (quality is still not great, but better than not at all obviously), but not extant in straight bars and clubs from what I’ve seen. Which is problematic because it ignores pregnancy as a whole and implies that STIs are primarily a gay male issue. ~~

      I was under the impression that condom machines and machines for tampons/pads were fairly common in public facilities at one point or another. My only frame of reference is media and novels. I’ve never actually seen any. I thought they were both of the pay a quarter or fifty cents variety thing?


      1. I have seen condom machines in truck stop restrooms (which – gross and tragic but at least if a girl or woman is being trafficked at least she can protect herself somewhat).

        And there used to be tampon and pad machines in public restrooms, but even when they have them now, they often are not stocked. So even if someone has a quarter, she can’t get what she needs. Note to self: Start carrying supplies in purse to share with women in need.


  2. What woman has NOT had their period start off-schedule and been caught without supplies? Most of the time I used wadded up toilet paper or paper towels when I was a teenager. We could not pay the rent, much less buy pads.

    It’s not like women will use the stash in the restroom for their entire need month after month. And ff they do, it’s because they need it – and are not proud that they are getting something for free. Abject poverty still exists, people.


    1. Preach. I left a bag of panty liners in the bathroom at work when I cleaned out my desk last year. True, there are very few women in my office, but still, most of the liners are still there. Women take what they need and leave the rest. Nobody is rushing in to grab all the free stuff. It’s not like pizza.


  3. I noticed last week that one of the bathrooms in my building now has a jar in one of the unisex bathrooms with tampons & pads. (I work at a university – our building has some classrooms in it.) There’s a sign on the jar saying “take what you need, leave some if you can” and I think it’s a fabulous idea. It would be better if the “employer” would provide, but I’ll take what I can get. And I’ll be bringing in supplies to share next week!


    1. I like that idea. Of the take what you need, leave some, etc.

      Not so crazy about unisex restrooms. I guess they can be OK if they reduce the wait time for women or keep it the same, but in many cases, converting existing men’s and women’s rooms to unisex just means women wait longer. REVOLUTION!!!!


      1. This building is an old dorm. Each wing of each floor has a large bathroom for men (with multiple stalls and multiple showers, though only 1 works) and an equally large bathroom for women (same showers & stalls). PLUS we have two accessible individual bathrooms that are centrally located and gender neutral. I personally prefer an individual bathroom (and for me it’s most conveniently located). The tampons & pads happen to be in one of the individual bathrooms on another floor – I want to see who started it to see if we can expand, but for now, just knowing there’s at least one place….And actually, I like that it’s in the gender neutral bathroom and NOT the women’s room, because why should all this stuff be hidden away from men?


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