When you are smug because you Do Romance Right

I married Mr T because he is H-O-T but also because we agree on what is F-U-N


Last weekend, Mr T and I went to Open House Chicago. If they have this in your city, you should go. It is super interesting and super fun, at least, it is interesting and fun if you are nosy like I am.

I have been to Open House Chicago and to Doors Open Milwaukee and have seen the fancy buildings and done all that. I am ready to move on to the weird. Which is why I was so excited to see the concrete plant, the cat rescue place, the yacht club that lives on an old rail car ferry, and – the wastewater treatment plant on the list.

Still, I was a little concerned.

Me: The Chicago sewer treatment plant is on Open House Chicago!

Mr T: Good!

Me: Except – we already toured the Milwaukee plant.

Mr T: So?

Me: Isn’t that kind of redundant?

Mr T: If you go to a cathedral in Paris, does that mean you don’t ever go to a cathedral in Madrid?

Me: Excellent point.

So we went to the Chicago sewer treatment plant.

People asked questions they should not have been asking and didn’t ask the ones they should have been asking.

Questions you should ask:

  • What are the weirdest things you have ever had to pull out of the filters? (Bicycles, diamonds, cows, TVs)

Questions you should not have to ask because if you have ever watched even one episode of Chicago PD, you KNOW THE ANSWER:

  • If you find a human body caught in the filters, do you have to close down the plant? And then what about the water?

The tour was super cool, although – ahem – it is not as advanced as the Milwaukee plant. Chicago sells the reclaimed materials from the wastewater as fertilizer, but is just now figuring out they should brand it. Ha. Milorganite(R) (Milwaukee Organic Nitrogen) has existed since 1926. I guess Chicago was too busy with gangster wars to think about making money legitimately.

JK. I love Chicago and I leave you with this photo I took from the rail car ferry turned into a yacht club. BTW, this is the kind of yacht club for people who wear shorts and t-shirts and work on their own boats. It – the yacht club – smells like grease and oil. It’s not fancy. The Fancy Yacht Club, where there are People to Do Things for the Rich People Who Own Yachts, is the glass building you see in the middle of the photo.

I love her hat. I love Chicago and the amazing people you see there who say, “You know what? Today I am going to wear my Pretty Hat.”



2 thoughts on “When you are smug because you Do Romance Right

  1. If you’re ever in the Seattle area, LMK and I’ll give you a tour of my treatment plant. 40 feet outside my office door is a pond with a third of a billion gallons of partially treated wastewater. And right now, a few thousand waterbirds.


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