The daily grind, which isn’t a grind and not just because the coffee at the office is awful

But still, I am doing it pretty much for the health insurance

My original career goals – surgery and designing artificial body parts. I think the surgery part would not have lasted long for someone who passes out with blood. Wait. Wouldn’t that make a great TV show?

I don’t talk about work here and that’s by design – I work because I like to sleep indoors, not as a hobby, but I think I can talk about the gestalt of where I am.

I have been at my current job for over five years.

Before that, I was at a place where – hmmm. How to put this?

The CEO was a tyrannical jerk who screamed at his subordinates in public.

He did not like to be contradicted.

He was cutting, sarcastic, and mean.

I started looking for a new job two days after I started at OldJob and left eight months later.

Nobody wept, I don’t think, the day the board fired him.

(Not for being a jerk, I don’t think, although that should have been enough. I think it’s because he spent tens of thousands of dollars – maybe more, to renovate the Milwaukee office, which was then shut down a few months later.)

But he was not the daily problem.

The daily problem was some of the people I worked with.

In their defense, when you have a jerk CEO, you do have a culture of fear and you don’t know whom you can trust and you never know what’s going to happen.

But I did not find my co-workers to be particularly motivated to do good work. I was also not impressed with the work ethic or the attitude – although yeah, with leadership like that, it’s easy to understand why people aren’t excited. They’re not exactly part of something great.

And I was working with relatively low-skilled labor.

So when I started working in the R&D group of an engineering company, it was a big change.

A few months in, one of the engineers asked me how I was liking it.

Me: I’m the stupidest person in R&D!



Engineer, very carefully: You seem bright enough to me.

Me: Hahahahaha!


Me: Hi work friend from many jobs ago!

Work friend: Hello. How do you like your new job.

Me [story about engineer politely trying to counter my assertion of being the stupidest person in the group]

WF: Hahahahaha! He does not realize you do not have any self-esteem issues!

Me: No I do not!

WF: He didn’t understand that what you were really saying was you are so happy you don’t have to work with stupid people anymore!

Me: YES!



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