4 thoughts on “Facebook page

  1. Hi, Annette: Sorry to be an old fuddy-duddy, but I don’t do Facebook.

    I have enjoyed your posts. I forward some of them to my friend Barbara who enjoys reading them, too. She especially liked the uneven eyebrows one even though her eyebrows have pretty much disappeared. She does have squinty eyes when she smiles.

    I will miss your writing if you are only going to post on Facebook.

    I managed to get over to Spain in June to see son David and daughter-in-law Ana in Valencia. We ate some delicious paella at the beach with a number of Ana’s relatives which was a lot of fun. Next time you visit Spain you might think about seeing Valencia. However, David said that the NYT posted an article recommending that people avoid Barcelona and head to Valencia instead because of the crazy high number of tourists going to Barcelona. Therefore, Valencia is now flooded with them.

    I turned 81 in August, so I don’t think too many more overseas trips are in the future – really hard to recover from jet lag as well as all that walking and sight-seeing.

    Take care, Pat



    1. Hi Pat – don’t worry! I will still be writing here! Facebook is just another place to write. Usually that’s where I put one or two-sentence observations – and photos of the cats. 🙂

      Marido and I are taking a trip to San Sebastian and Bilbao soon. We need to add Barcelona to the list – we have college friends who just bought a house there. I remember Valencia from when I was a kid. I am happy to go anywhere in Spain!

      My mom was here last weekend. It was nice to see her. 🙂




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