My career as a girl detective

When I was a girl, I wanted to be Nancy Drew. I think I still have it in me.

Oxtail restaurant

So Marido and I went on vacation to Spain this winter and we were in Madrid and we were hungry and we wanted to eat at the fabulous little mom and pop place where we had oxtail several years ago but we couldn’t remember what it was called.

We were googling things like, “mom and pop oxtail madrid” to no avail. Nothing that popped up looked familiar.

Then I remembered.

I had taken photos the last time we ate there and posted them on facebook because I am all about the food on facebook. I have taken two selfies – one where I am wearing sunglasses and a hat and another of my shadow. I am not a fan of selfies. I don’t like it when other people take my photo. I sure don’t want to do it myself.

Anyhow. I searched my posts from a few years ago. We had been there over Christmas break.

I found the photo.

We did an image search with it.

We found a similar image.

That image was tagged with a location. Not with a name, but with a location.

We checked the map.

It was near where we thought it had been

We started walking.

We found it.

Taberna Juan Blanco.

And it was delicious.

Maybe this should become my new career? Finding places? And things? Would people pay me, do you think?



7 thoughts on “My career as a girl detective

  1. Very clever, indeed! Nancy would be proud! I vividly remember the summer I was about nine or ten and discovered my teenaged neighbor had a complete set of Nancy Drews. Bliss!


    1. I would have loved that. I didn’t own many books as a child – the military puts limits on what they will move, but when my dad would go away for a temporary assignment elsewhere, which was really frequent (like once every three months to Turkey for a few weeks), he would buy me a Nancy Drew book upon his return.

      I loved Nancy’s titian hair and I coveted it.


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