Produce Honor System

When you live in a place where we figure if you steal food, you are probably really really hungry


My mom and dad are from a small town in northern Wisconsin. One set of aunt and uncle(s?) (my dad has two brothers, my mom has six siblings – they are all married and I have 26 first cousins) live in the town with stoplights, eight miles from the small town. Medford has three stoplights, I think? One of them is new this year. When we discovered two months ago, we were annoyed.

Years ago, I stayed with an aunt and uncle. They let me borrow a car. When they came home, my aunt asked where the keys were.

On the counter, I told her. Duh. Like I was going to keep them in my purse?

Why didn’t you just leave them in the car? she asked.

Umm. Because at the time, I lived in Austin and you would never leave the keys in the car in Austin?

Also, they did not give me a house key. Because why would they lock their house?

So yeah – roadside produce stands are on the honor system.

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