Smashing the patriarchy, one barricade at a time

When you can’t tear down that wall, you go around it (figuratively, not literally)


Can we all agree that the greatest tragedy possible is when a man has to wait to use a public restroom?

Of course it is! What? A LINE FOR THE MEN’S ROOM? What kind of monster would ever think this was a good thing? And if it ever did happen, we would want men to be comfortable while they waited, right? Hence the chairs outside of the men’s room at this theater. No chairs outside the ladies, though. We are made of stronger stuff and don’t need the be comfortable while we wait.

men's room

Hahahahaha. I joke.

It’s not a tragedy if a man has to wait for a public restroom. I mean, in theory, it’s not a tragedy. We don’t know what it looks like when men wait because it never happens.

Unless we take over.

Which is what a few other women and I did at the airport in Albuquerque recently.

The ladies was closed for cleaning. The two family restrooms were in use.

There was a certain degree of urgency: the need to pee plus the need to catch a plane.

And the ladies was blocked.

So I did what any rational person would do.

I asked the man who came out of the men’s room if it was empty. When he said it was, I told the other women waiting that I would stand guard if they wanted to go in if they would do the same for me.

In the spirit of solidarity, they agreed. And our missions were accomplished.

Marido was stunned when I told him. “You BLOCKED the men’s room?” he asked.

“I blocked it from MEN,” I said. “It was being used.”

What else was I supposed to do? I needed to go.

Are we women really supposed to wait to pee and men are never supposed to wait? It’s time. We all wait or none of us wait. Potty parity.

4 thoughts on “Smashing the patriarchy, one barricade at a time

  1. Brava! I have done this both at airports and on cruise ships . . . it took some nerve the first time, but now I think nothing of it. The only notable reaction was provided by one teenage boy who was deeply startled when told he must wait – he had a hard time understanding the concept, but eventually cooperated, with grace.


  2. You go, Girl! I’ve done it several times and once pushed other women seem willing to cooperate. It always surprises me that women are willing to stand in a long line, when it is clear that the men’s room is empty. Potty parity, indeed!


  3. I attended a bilingual tree worker training in San Antonio. The line for the mens’ room was halfway down the hall. There were 3-4 women at the event and 4 stalls. We didn’t wait at all and made sure to let the men know that they were living our normal life.


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