They might not have rhubarb, but they have fried pickles

Also, it was warm enough that I actually wanted ice in my water, which has not happened in like thirteen years

A glass with condensation on the outside. I have not seen that in so long.

I had to go to Charleston for work, which, all things considered, is not the worst thing, although leaving Wisconsin in June seems like a bad idea. I wish I could have gone to Charleston in say, February, when winter here has gone on so long that a person might start to google, “Is it a crime to strangle people just for breathing too loudly in the dark cold that will not end and why do I even care about living when there is nothing on the horizon but ice and despair?”

But anyway. I had to go to Charleston with a bunch of co-workers who are from up here, which means they did not know what pimento cheese was and they did not know what fried dill pickles were, so I took the liberty of suggesting that we order both of them.

They thought they were OK but apparently not great which was fine with me because I ate most of it after I had given everyone a completely fair chance.

And then I got to have shrimp and grits which were delicious of course. It was a ton of food, as you can see, so I brought some home, even though I had forgotten to take a Tupperware with me –


what? you don’t take your own containers to restaurants?

I try to remember to bring a Tupperware with me when we go out to eat because restaurants give you way too much food and even though I would be delighted to eat it all in one sitting, it would not be wise.

Marido and I went to the chile cookoff in Milwaukee a few years ago. I calculated that we would be getting a total of 48 ounces of chile samples, which is a lot of food. (That’s three pounds of chile, in case you don’t remember any of this stuff. And for my international readers who use a logical measuring system, that’s about 1.4 kilos. No matter how you measure it, that’s a lot of food.)

I took several small Tupperware containers with me. I was worried people would laugh at me, but I was even more worried about wasting food or overeating.

I should not have worried.

I should have known.

As I scooped chile samples into the containers, people around me said, “What a great idea! I wish I had brought containers!”

I was with My People.

So I brought leftover shrimp and grits home and got two more meals out of it and it was delicious.

And my co-workers did not know what this was and asked if it was fingers.



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