Am I becoming Bernice?

Not that that’s a bad thing, but I thought it would happen in a few decades

sugar packet hoarding

So when you guys are traveling and you don’t know what the food situation will be – OK – even when you know your sister in law is making meatballs and gravy, roast pork, cannoli dip, and a tray of chocolate-covered fruit, do you maybe Save A Little Something For Later?

Or am I the only one?

In my defense, the biscuits at the Homewood Suites in St. Augustine are divine. And it never hurts to have a banana, does it? And yogurt doesn’t spoil. I know this because for my first year as a Peace Corps volunteer, I did not have a refrigerator. I ate unrefrigerated yogurt yet I live.

Related: Marido gets all worried if cheese is getting old. I remind him that the entire point of cheese is a way to preserve milk without cold. Cheese can get old and still be edible. I am not dead yet.

Back to wrapping food in a napkin and putting it in my purse. Is that wrong?


Other than the candy I keep in my purse. WHAT THEN?



One thought on “Am I becoming Bernice?

  1. Is this a remnant of your Peace Corp days or your history with your in-laws? If I recall correctly, there were days without real food and resulting migraines.


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