Speaking of retiring

When all you want is health insurance

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There has been a big re-org at work. I won’t go into detail because I am not a stupid person, at least not about that kind of thing, but I will say that I no longer report to my former boss, who was the entire reason I came to work at the company. I worked for him, not for the company, and now that he is not my boss, I am adrift and stressed and cranky because – well, let’s just leave it at adrift, stressed, and cranky.*

As is Former Boss (FB). We had this conversation:

FB: Guess what I just learned! You can get health insurance even if you work only 20 hours a week at Starbucks!

Me: That would be great!

FB: You are making people happy with coffee and when you leave at the end of your shift, you don’t have to think about work!

Me: Except for the part about being on your feet for eight hours, that sounds perfect.

I posted our exchange on facebook and a friend commented that the money is probably a lot less than what FB and I make now.

I replied that all FB and I want is health insurance and no bullshit. Yes, we make more money than baristas make, but we do not make enough money to deal with all the crap we are seeing now.

Excuse me. I am going to practice my cappuccino art.



* You guys need to read the book, Oak : the frame of civilization, by William Bryant Logan. You will learn the origins of the phrases, “the bottom fell out” and “cranky.” It is absolutely fascinating. Trust me on this.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of retiring

  1. One thing that might make you feel better … most shifts at Starbucks are five hours or fewer = less bad on the feet. Locally, they pretty much limit folks to 20 hours a week, so they are shorter “days” than you are used to having. Can’t promise it’s the same in your “neck of the woods”, but suspect it’s a corporate thing. Just a thought …


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