Why is everyone except me retiring?

Why isn’t anyone thinking about me and what I need?


Will I be the only one working in a few years? Why is everyone so selfish? When do they start thinking about my needs? They are all so selfish.

My doctor retired. I had to find a new doctor. Who is in my network. Who is taking new patients. Who is younger than I am so he will still be working in ten years.

Our vet retired. He loved our cats and never suggested unnecessary services, like anesthetizing the cats to clean their teeth – OK, maybe that was necessary for Shirley, who needed to have four teeth pulled and who has changed personality completely since the procedure because now she is not in pain all the time and we didn’t even know she was in pain and we are horrible pet owners – but it was not necessary for Laverne, who has a heart murmur and who needed to see a cat cardiologist – did you even know such a thing existed? I didn’t – before she had the anesthesia and then she almost died during the procedure.

Our old vet would have said, “Nope. I am not anesthetizing a cat with a heart murmur. I don’t care what the specialist says.”

He wouldn’t have even sent us to a specialist.

We are still a little bit upset about all that. When the (new) vet calls you after the procedure and says she is keeping Laverne a little bit longer for “observation” because there were “complications” during the procedure and then, when you pick Laverne up and she tells you that she does not recommend voluntary anesthesia ever again for your cat, you get cranky. I would rather have a live cat with dirty teeth than a dead cat with clean teeth.

Our old vet would never have suggested any of it.

And now our hairdresser is talking about retiring.

I don’t want to find a new hairdresser. I don’t want to explain how I don’t want to look at myself after the haircut – that I have never enjoyed the process of mirrors. I don’t want to explain how I want the exact same haircut that I have had for the past gajillion years because after many years of experimentation, including the Bad Years With Bangs and The Unfortunate Very Short Hair Incident Following The Watching Of Ghost, I know what looks good on me and is easy to take care of.

Why does everyone hate me and want my life to be awful?

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