On the impermanence of life or how pastries and cleaning out the freezer make us ponder our own mortality

Apple fritter bread is ephemeral and that makes us sad

Image may contain: ocean, sky, beach, cloud, outdoor, nature and water
Lake Superior as seen from the cottage we rent.
  1. The place Marido and I love most of all in the world (or maybe the second most in the world – Spain is in the running now for The Best Place In The World) is Madeline Island in the Apostle Islands in (on?) Lake Superior.
  2. I am on A Mission to use inventory. That is, I want us to eat the food we have in the freezer and in the pantry before we buy more food. (!Hay comida en la casa!)
  3. We buy a dozen (absolutely delicious) cinnamon rolls from Coco Bakery in Washburn every year and keep them in the downstairs freezer, rationing them out carefully.
  4. If Marido dies before I do or if he is hospitalized, I am going to eat them all myself and not feel guilty.
  5. Two summers ago, we found apple fritter bread at the IGA in Washburn and brought the leftovers home.
  6. Because we were full of pie and turnovers from Judy’s Gourmet Garage and of all the extra goodies they had at Coco, like the chocolate babushka thingy.
  7. Last summer, we tried to find more of the IGA apple fritter bread but to no avail. They have stopped making it.

Me: Are you going to start eating those cinnamon rolls we brought back from Coco last summer?

Marido: I don’t know.

Me: And there’s an apple fritter in the upstairs freezer! Bottom drawer!

Marido: Also, your Fritos.

[What? You don’t buy yourself a bag of Fritos for your birthday, eat a few, and put the rest in the freezer?]

Marido: Oh! It’s the last bit of apple fritter bread!

Me: You need to eat that. It’s old and it’s taking up room in the freezer.

Marido: But – when I eat it, it will be gone. And it will never come again. I am afraid to finish it because when I do, we will never have any more again ever.

Marido: Two summers ago, I wasn’t working and I wasn’t running for office [long stories] and I was happy.

Marido: But now, I’ve lost my freedom.

Me: And then you’re going to die and in the meantime, there’s not more apple fritter bread.

Image may contain: coffee cup, drink and food
Not apple fritter bread, but churros y chocolate is a pretty good second. Or maybe even a first.


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