We Are of The Tribe of We Who Do Not Waste

Sometimes, even I cannot Clean My Plate and trust me, I try

This photo is from our trip to Spain. I did not have Tupperware with me, which made me sad. So we just ate everything. 

I don’t think this is a uniquely Wisconsin trait, but I don’t recall seeing it elsewhere.

Of course, I myself never employed it elsewhere. It never occurred to me until I was here.

Restaurants serve huge portions


Wisconsin is not one of the fattest states – runs to the google – hmmm. Number 21. Which is not really “one of the fattest” but more “in the middle of the pack but still supports my point, which is THE FOOD HERE IS REALLY GOOD.

Cheese curds. Fried cheese curds. Frozen custard. (Which is ice cream but with more fat.) Cheese, cheese, cheese. Kringle, I suppose, although I have a little bit of it maybe once a year when someone brings a kringle to work. (I have very good self control at the store when I see prices.) Cream puffs, which are also a once a year thing at the state fair, which, unlike the Texas state fair, happens in the summer and has nothing to do with football and everything to do with food. Summer sausage. Bratwurst.

I will have to tell you all about my cousin’s venison sausage. Being related to people who make sausage for a living is a very good thing, you guys.

Anyhow. Lots of really good food + huge portions + We Don’t Waste = leftovers.

So a few years ago, Marido and I got half-price tickets (because half price is why) to the chili cookoff.

With each ticket, we would get eight three-ounce samples.

That is 48 ounces of chili.

Which is a lot.

So I took a bunch of little Tupperwares.

And steeled myself for disdainful looks of Can You Believe The Tacky?

I should have known. In the only city in the US to run a surplus during the Depression (although this story may not be exactly truthful), I would not be alone.

Every time I opened a little Tupperware and spooned chili into it, someone would look at me and say, “I wish I’d thought of that!”

I am with My People.


2 thoughts on “We Are of The Tribe of We Who Do Not Waste

  1. Yum yum!! Does your cousin have a non-secret venison sausage recipe to share? Husband filled my freezer this year (after skipping last year 😉 and other than just cooking with Penzey’s bratwurst or venison seasoning, I would love to make some actual sausage this year….


    1. I wish! Everything they have is secret and even I don’t get to see it! And I don’t even have any online recipe suggestions – I have never needed to make my own.


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