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Wisconsin stories for the modest

Making Strudel

Hey dere y’all! My family roots are deep in Wisconsin. My dad’s family is from Milwaukee and my mom grew up on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin. My dad’s family moved nort’ when he was little. He and my mom met at the bar at the bowling alley in Dorchester and the rest is history.

My dad was in the air force, so we moved all over. I lived most of my childhood outside of the US. When we were in the States, we were in Texas.

I live in Milwaukee now, completely by coincidence. My husband and I met at our 20-year college reunion in Houston. (I was in the market for a used husband and I found a great one with relatively low mileage.) He is from Pittsburgh but had discovered Milwaukee via the old County Stadium and Summerfest.

When I moved to the 414 to marry him, I wondered where the Wisconsin Monthly magazine was. I wondered where the Wisconsin Foodways group was. I wondered where all the great Wisconsin stories were being told. I know these stories are out there.

Then I realized that up here? We are very modest. But I am a Twisconsinite (Wexan?), so I can do some bragging. Besides, it ain’t bragging if you done it.

We have great stories to tell in Wisconsin. I want to tell some of them here.

PS That photo is of my grandma making strudel.

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